Roofing Program


The DPW Roofing Program commenced in the mid-1980's with the intent of structuring the periodic maintenance and repair/replacement of roofing systems on State-owned buildings. By detailed inspection and assessment of existing roofing systems, their maintenance can be predicted and scheduled before major problems develop.

Program Elements

The Roofing Program process begins with the inspection and assessment of roofing systems in the early spring months of each year. Roofs included in the inspection are those identified by a State Agency as being problematic and those that DPW records indicate are nearing the end of their useful service life. Roofing projects are then scheduled for repairs/replacements based on the annual amount of Permanent Building Funds appropriated by the State Legislature for Alteration and Repair Projects. Additional projects may be accomplished using Agency funds.

To obtain information on roofing systems and scheduled projects, or to schedule an inspection or assessment, email the DPW Roofing Program Manager or call 332-1908.

Roofing Systems - Guarantees and Warranties

Guarantee/Warranty PDF DOC
Bituminous Roofing Guaranty PDF DOC
DPW Approved Roofing Manufacturers PDF  
Low-Slope Metal Roofing Guaranty PDF DOC
Roofing Certification Form PDF  
Roofing Materials Substitution Form PDF DOC
Roofing Warranty PDF DOC
Single Ply Roofing Guaranty (20 Years) PDF DOC
Single Ply Roofing Guaranty (30 Years) PDF DOC