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Roofing Program


The DPW Roofing Program commenced in the mid-1980’s with the intent of structuring the periodic maintenance and repair/replacement of roofing systems on State-owned buildings. By detailed inspection and assessment of existing roofing systems, their maintenance could be predicted and scheduled before major problems developed.

Current Program

The roofing program establishes design and material standards for roof installations across state owned buildings. Working closely with regional design professionals, the program periodically reviews and assesses the effectiveness of materials and establishes an approved roofing manufacturers list. Delivering reliability, longevity, and low-cost maintenance across state owned buildings is the primary intent of the current program.

A panel consisting of several design professionals and DPW staff review and modify the program requirements to ensure that the program’s intent is being met.

DPW Approved Roofing Manufacturers

To be eligible to be placed on the “DPW Approved Roofing Manufactures” list, several requirements must be met. These include a minimum nominal thickness (Membranes), compliance with and availability of a standardized roofing warranty, and other requirements. Meeting the minimum standards will not automatically place a manufacturer on the list and may be precluded from the list based on a review by DPW staff and independent design professional panel members.

To obtain information on roofing systems and scheduled projects, or to schedule an inspection or assessment, email the DPW Roofing Representative or call (208) 332-1908.

Roofing Systems – Guarantees and Warranties

DPW Approved Roofing ManufacturersPDF
Roofing Materials Substitution Form PDFDOCX
Single Ply Roofing Warranty (30 Years) PDFDOCX

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