Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council


The Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council was established in 1961 when an ongoing revenue source was created. Its five (5) members are appointed by the Governor with fixed terms, and they serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The Council is comprised of one (1) member of the Senate, one (1) member of the House of Representatives, a citizen engaged in the contracting business, a citizen engaged in the banking business, and a citizen who is a member of the business community not engaged in contracting or banking. The Senate member and House of Representatives member are appointed for a fixed term of two (2) years. All other Council members are appointed for a fixed term of three (3) years.

The Council members receive no compensation other than per diem and travel expenses. The Council generally meets on a monthly basis; however, meeting frequency is determined by workload and is not a statutory requirement.

The Council meets in Boise during the majority of the year. However, it meets once a year in northern Idaho and once a year in southeastern Idaho. At the northern and southeastern Idaho meetings, the Council visits various construction projects and discusses future needs and funding requests with state agencies. During one of the spring meetings in Boise, the Council tours current and potential construction sites and meets with state agency representatives located in southwest Idaho regarding their needs.

See Idaho Code 67-5710.

Council Policies

Council Policies as of February 2016

Council Members

Dee Jameson, Chairman & Community Member
Hayden, Idaho
Member Since: 07-30-2007
Term Expires: 07-01-2022
Cindy Bateman, Banking Member
U.S. Bank
Boise, Idaho
Member Since: 04-09-2015
Term Expires: 07-01-2019
Randy Steed, Contractor Member
Steed Construction
Eagle, Idaho
Member Since: 09-19-2007
Term Expires: 07-01-2020
Senator Steven Vick, Senate Member
Idaho State Senate
Dalton Gardens, Idaho
Member Since: 04-10-2018
Term Expires: 11-11-2021
Representative Robert Anderst, House Member
Idaho State House of Representatives
Nampa, Idaho
Member Since: 02-01-2016
Term Expires: 11-11-2021

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, except September which meets on the second Tuesday, and November which meets on the first Thursday, unless there is a conflict with a holiday or other circumstance. Locations and times are subject to change.

2019 Meeting Schedule Revised 5-15-19
2020 Meeting Schedule

Date Time Location
October 1, 2019
October 2, 2019
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
9:00 am to 11:00 am
Joe R. Williams Builidng
West Conference Room
700 West State Street
Boise , Idaho
    Agenda - Agency Presentations - 10-1-19
Amended Agenda - 10-2-19