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Division of Public Works

The Division of Public Works (DPW) oversees state-wide facilities management and construction in the various aspects of building, remodeling, maintaining, and leasing state buildings. Additional services such as security and grounds and building maintenance, are also offered within the Capitol Mall. The Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council may pay all or part of the costs for qualifying construction projects. These funds can be used for construction projects involving new or existing buildings. (Idaho Code §67-5710.)

Capital Budget Requests

Agencies may submit annual requests for Permanent Building Funds (following the budget cycle using our forms or the State Board of Education forms [SBOE Agencies]) along with their annual 5-year facilities plan. Agencies may also use Delegated Projects and Maintenance and Service Contracts as allowed by Idaho Code and Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council Policies.

For questions regarding Capital Budget Request forms, please contact Nicole Hanson at (208) 332-1901 or

Construction Projects

DPW: Design & Construction is involved with building new state buildings and with maintaining or remodeling existing state buildings for various agencies.

Roofing Warranty Program

The Division of Public Works Roofing Program maintains the roofing warranty program.


To obtain information on suspected asbestos containing materials, asbestos surveys, or to schedule an inspection or assessment, email the DPW Asbestos Representative or call (208) 332-1915.

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