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Additional Miscellaneous Documents


Contractors Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Certification PDF DOC
Informal Bid Documents PDF DOC
Letter Contract Change Order SAMPLE PDF DOC
Letter Contract and Notice to Proceed SAMPLE PDF DOC
Monthly Project Progress Meeting Agenda PDF DOC
Off-Site Storage Memo PDF  
Project Finalization and Start-up form PDF DOC
Report of Deficiency Obligation (Warranty Claim against Contractor) PDF DOC
State Facility Use Guidelines PDF DOC
Substitution Request PDF  
Travel reimbursement rates established by State Board of Examiners  

Recent Bid Results Table

Submission DateProject NumberProject NameContractorBase BidAlternatesNotice of Intent Issued
06-18-2020170Resurface Parking Lots, North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene, IdahoNorthwest Road & Drive$244,222.22Unit Price: $56.5500-00-20
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