Design Professionals

Professional Services Contracting

The Division of Public Works is responsible for the contracting of design and construction services for public works projects for state owned facilities for numerous state agencies.

We are committed to providing efficient and cost effective services to our client agencies.

Design Professional Services

Requests for Qualification from qualified and interested design professionals and RFQ results by date and Public Works project number.

How the RFQ Process works

Instructions and Forms for Design Professionals

The Instructions for Design Professionals manual is presented by the Division of Public Works. It is separated in to smaller sections for easier access to specific information and forms (for Contractor Forms see Appendix V).

 Table of Contents
 Chapter 1: General Information
 Chapter 2: Planning and Design
 Chapter 3: Construction Documents
 Chapter 4: Bidding, Printing, & Permits
 Chapter 5: Construction Administration
 Chapter 6: Project Close-out

 Table of Appendices
 Appendix I: Abbreviations and Definitions
 Appendix II: Idaho Code
 Appendix III: Instructions for Submittal of A/E Request for Payment
 Appendix IV.A: State Boilerplate (Standard version) [.pdf]
 Appendix V: FORMS (General Form Information)

Other Links to Design Information

The Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction (and many other manuals) can be found at the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council.