Construction Bid Process

Requesting a Bid

When a remodel or construction project has been approved by the PBFAC, the Division of Public Works follows an established process to solicit bids.

A complete set of design documents are developed prior to the bid process. These documents include:

  • Plans and specifications,
  • Newspaper Ad for the bid; and
  • Recommendations for a time and date for the bid opening. These documents are advertised in accordance with Idaho Code. The Advertisement for Bids is posted online and published in local newspapers or business journals.

Submitting a Bid

By the specified date and time, bids are submitted on the forms in the Advertisement for Bid with the required bid bonds or surety. These bids are opened and read aloud in a location open to the public. The Division will coordinate the recording of the bids and reviewing the submitted documents.

Letter of Intent

Following the opening and review of the bids, a Letter of Intent is sent to the apparent lowest responsible and responsive bidder. The DPW Construction Opportunities web page lists the results of the bid opening.

Notice to Proceed

Upon submission of all the required insurance and bonds, the contract is signed and returned to the Division, and the Notice to Proceed is issued.